Liveroulette Casino

And what would it sound like to combine the best of the above? Live roulette means playing roulette at a live casino, or online casino, where, however, you are faced with a real human dealer. High-speed internet connections have enabled direct video connections to the dealer, and players are excited about it! Live roulette is your choice when you want a real experience, but preferably from your home couch. Either would it make sense to get to try? Look at here you will know that where the best live roulette is!

Roulette on mobile

What couldn’t you play on a mobile phone today? Like almost all other casino games, roulette can be played on a mobile smart device such as a phone or tablet, instead of a computer. Due to the fairly simple structure of the game, it does not bring very big differences to the game compared to the usual. Of course, you should be careful about which number to bet on, as it will be annoying if the win bumps into what you originally intended. The best online casino sites in Europe also offer stand-alone mobile customized versions, and it is also possible to play live roulette on mobile.

Return percentage in online casino roulette

If you are looking for the best return percentage you should forget the American version of roulette. In it, the house advantage is stronger due to double zeros. Sure, the game can be found on the list of many online casinos, but a good consideration for winnings is that of both. By comparison, to illustrate – in France the return rate is about 97%, in the American less than 95%. You can try the differences in the games, for example, when playing for free money.

The return is moderately convenient and the bonus money when you recycle so be sure to check how effectively the roulette is successful. Very often, table games only recycle a fraction, sometimes not at all.